Construction Management

EDC’s Construction Management capabilities offer additional project delivery systems in the following categories:

Construction Management Agency
Construction Management Agencies and architects are generally selected simultaneously, with the Agency in control of trade contracts and administration and management services, being the only extension of the Project Owner. Utilizing the Construction Management Agency method allows for Project Owners to enjoy accelerated (“fast-track”) construction schedules, breaking out of bid packages while design develops.

Construction Management at Risk
Alternatively, Construction Management at Risk means the Construction Manager performs duties normally delegated to a General Contractor, assuming all risk for construction, maintaining strict advocacy on behalf of the owner. With schedules still being fast-tracked, Construction Managers are selected with architects to allow for collaborative efforts between the Project Owner, architect and the Construction Manager for the duration of your project. The Construction Manager performs pre-construction services, focusing on costs, schedule, constructability and any various implications of material and system selections. This approach allows for more hands-on participation from beginning to end by Project Owners and guarantees a contract’s maximum price early in the process.